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A full featured interactive Java SEGY editor / viewer.

SegyTool is a powerful, easy to use tool for viewing all aspects of SEGY data including header displays, wiggle trace displays, map views, and data displays.

Header values can be edited with a few mouse clicks, susbsets of data sets can be exported in formats of your choice.

Edit shotpoints, XY coordinates, CDP numbers, and sample values. Edit binary header values such as number of samples or format code.

Trace header values can be edited, zeroed, interpolated, scaled or biased.

Import or export XY coordinates, change UTM zones or perform NAD or State Plane conversions with a click of the mouse.

Eliminate data spikes, kill noisy traces, even concatenate multiple SEGY files together.

Clean up your data using the scaling and bandpass filter options. Resample data, even data with fractional sample rates.

The EBCDIC header can be edited as a text file allowing cutting and pasting from other files.

A comprehensive "Undo" feature rescues you from errant mouse clicks.

SegyTool allows complete control with a simple, intuitive user interface.

The wiggle trace display allows complete user control of plot parameters. Now you can see your data on your screen with a few mouse clicks. Choose from wiggle / variable area or variable density with user selected colour schemes. Control polarity, direction, plot scales and annotation.
SegyTool allows you to export to a new SEGY file in any format, including SeisX / SeisWare. Change the record length, trace range, format, or byte order. You can also concatenate files together to merge portions of lines that have been purchased or processed separately.
3D functions allow you to insert line and trace numbers into any byte location. Export subsets of 3D stacks or gathers, pad missing traces, or reorient a 3D volume from north-south to east-west.
Multiple file selection allows fast access to multiple files from any number of directories for project level file editing.

The "Quick Map" option shows the selected files on a map display.

Create scaled wiggle trace displays in TIFF, JPEG, or Bitmap format that can be plotted from any standard graphics software.

The title block shows the EBCDIC header and the plot parameters. Your logo can be shown at the top of the title block.

No more waiting for paper sections to come from storage, print sections quickly and easily directly from your data.

Run SegyTool on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Sun Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X or any operating system that supports the Java Run time Environment version 1.6 or later.

A full version of SegyTool sells for $5000.00 U.S. for a single license. Maintenance and support for one year is included in the purchase price.
We feel SegyTool is the most powerful SEGY editor in the industry while remaining very user friendly.

We invite you to see for yourself. Contact us for a time limited evaluation license and try SegyTool on your data.

We are sure you will find SegyTool to be an indispensible tool for working with SEGY data.

Click here to download the latest production version of SegyTool. Version 11.7
Click here to download the beta version of SegyTool. Version 11.8 (Production version recommended.)
Click here to download the Java Run Time Environment, also called the Java VM.
Click here to download the NTV2_0.GSB file for Canadian NAD traansformations
Click here to download the SegyTool help pages if you wish to keep them on a local server

A user configurable, spreadsheet based, SEGY data manager

SegyTracker is a tool for managing large numbers of SEGY files distributed over multiple directories and disk volumes.

Given a starting directory SegyTracker will drill down into all sub-directories searching for SEGY files that meet user specified criteria.

All the SEGY files found are presented in a spreadsheet format which the user can configure to display SEGY attributes and data items such as file path, shotpoints, X Y coordinates, or any data that can be derived from the SEGY file.

The spreadsheet columns can be pre-defined in a configuration file or added dynamically.

Columns can be moved, renamed, deleted, and exported to ASCII files.

Users can add text columns that can be used to enter data not found in the SEGY file such as project or area name. Text can be copied and pasted into user columns from other columns or from text files.

Columns can be searched for strings and sorted in ascending or descending order.

Foreground and background colours can be set for rows and columns.

SEGYs in selected rows can be copied to other directories, renamed with a robust multifile rename function, or deleted.

2D and 3D X Y coordinates can be exported in a variety of formats including SEGP-1 and UKOA.

SEGYs can be displayed on a map, as a wiggle trace display, histogram, or amplitude plot.

A diagnostic tool allows the user to perform a quick but robust inspection on multiple SEGY files.

For SegyTool users SegyTracker can pass SEGYs into SegyTool for editing and further export functionality.

SegyTracker is a Java application and runs on any platform that supports the Java Run time Environment version 1.6 or later.

A full version of SegyTracker sells for $4000.00 U.S. for a single license. Maintenance and support for one year is included in the purchase price.

SegyTracker is a powerful tool for working with large SEGY archives or small groups of files. It is robust but easy to use with a familiar, intuitive interface.

Contact ITS for a thirty day evaluation license and you will see that SegyTracker is indispensible for managing SEGY data

Click here to download the latest production version of SegyTracker. Version 8.7
Click here to download the beta version of SegyTracker. Version 8.4.0 (Production version recommended.)
Click here to download the SegyTracker help pages if you wish to keep them on a local server

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